ABOUT eXtrinnov

Imagination Brings Innovation

eXtrinnov Technologies is an Software Developing company specialized in providing services to the IT and Non-IT sectors.

eXtrinnov Technologies is one of the IT system integration, professional service and software development companies in Bangalore that works with Enterprise systems and companies. As we are a privately owned company, eXtrinnov Technologies provides software design and development as well as IT Consultant professional services to the following verticals: Financial Services (insurance, loan, finance and banking), ERP, CRM, Health Care, Education, Hotel and Retail.

Our Process.

we have a unique value in development technic, integration and implementation of Microsoft. Net, CRM, and ERP based projects in the following verticals: Retail, Finance, Health Care, Education and Hotel. We have Technical highly skilled team of Project managers, Technical Consultants and Developers. eXtrinnov is a company which aspires to be in look on to the client’s needs, in-depth understanding clients’ business and delivering and optimizing IT solutions from the beginning phase of scoping the requirements, up to the final delivery, maintenance and continuous upgrading of process. eXtrinnov always look at the things from the customer point of view, but also from customer’s customer point of view to grasp their real business need for the IT solutions they deliver.

Our Approach.

We approach clients with our special expertise ideas in custom software development – providing specialized products, IT services and custom end to end solutions to our enterprise customers. Furthermore, we approach client with a reasonable Service Agreement which is covering most of the additional maintenance services as an Annual Maintenance Contract. With our Quick support, we make troubleshooting as easy as possible and solve them as quickly.

Our Vision.

Vision is to make a bridge, where people get connected together from our Consulting Services and Deployment of best of the Business Solutions to top domestic and international customers.

Our Objective.

Our aim is to encourage and support a new generation of entrepreneurials, clients and customers to grow.

Some of Our Clients

Our approach is to find the highest level of efficiency for our clients in efforts to support the highest level of success. We specialize in helping our clients to get automate their regular processes, deploy and materialize their great innovated ideas, visions and programs.

eXtrinnov Technologies


Currently we are into big tieups with new clients from oveseas like Dubai and Thailand

Mobile Apps development division will going to be launch soon in coming December.